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Terms of Service

1. The TOS, Its Language, And Your Relationship To It

This agreement outlines's terms of service. It is an agreement between and the end user, "you." Your use of's services, "the services," is subject to your acceptance of this agreement. By using the services you assert that you agree to the terms present herein. These terms may change at any time without prior notice. However, attempts will be made to make significant changes known. If at any time you no longer agree with these terms then cease use of the services immediately. The latest copy of these terms will apply to all disputes.

2. No Guarantees Are Made To You Concerning The Services

The nature of the services may change at any time without notice and are in no way guaranteed to you. Your ability to use the services is not guaranteed. You are encouraged to report service outages to Your use of the services is at your own risk and you agree to hold and all that represent blameless in all cases. The information viewable through the services is not guaranteed accurate. Please check your sources and do not believe everything that you see. is not responsible for inaccurate information.

3. Is Not Responsible For Third Parties

The individuals that you meet on may not be who they say that they are. Take precautions if you plan to meet someone in person that you only know via There are risks involved, and by using the services you agree that is NOT RESPONSIBLE for anything that may happen. Also, the services may lead you to other web entities not under the control of Those entities are governed under their own terms and is not responsible for the risks involved with interacting with those entities.

4. Objectionable Third Party Content

Because of the nature of the services you may encounter material that you do not agree with. cannot be held responsible for such material. However, will work to ensure all spam content filters function properly.

5. Abuse

You may in no way engage in activities that may disrupt the service. Such activities may be deemed abusive at's sole discretion. Abuse of the services will not be tolerated. Excessive, automated usage may be blocked to ensure a streamlined experience for all.

6. Clarifications About the TOS

Please contact for additional information.

Privacy Policy

1. The Privacy Policy, Its Language, And Your Relationship To It

This policy outlines's practices concerning the end user's personal data, "your data." This policy may change at any time without prior notice. However, attempts will be made to make significant changes known.

2. Data is a social network. It collects data that you share via the services and uses that data to deliver a social networking experience. The data will be analyzed as necessary to operate the services. The data may be backed up to ensure that the services continue operating smoothly.

3. Clarifications About the Privacy Policy

Please contact for additional information.

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Last Updated: April 5, 2012